Monday, April 14, 2014

Dream Journey

All night long I think of life’s labyrinth Impossible to visit the tenants of Hades.

The authoritarian attempt to palm a horse off as deer Was laughable. As was the thrust at The charmed life of the dragon. Contemptible!

It’s in the dark that eyes probe earth and heaven, In dream that the tormented seek present, past.

Enough! The mountain moon fills the window.

The lonely fall through, the garden rang with cricket song.

Betsugen Enshi, the 14th century Japanese monk, wrote those interesting thoughts. Enshi takes us on one of his dream journeys, and we discover an action filled world that exists without a beginning or an end. Our dreams don’t begin or end. It is our awareness of dreams that has a beginning and an end. We become aware of a dream, and then we leave it. In terms of time, we dream a dream tonight, and then we leave it tonight. But the dream continues in its own form of electrical intensity.

Our dreams are not a reflection of our physical being. They are a by-product of the inner self and our physical being. Dreams are part chemical reaction, and part transformed energy that moves from one state to another. Our dream world, and the ideas that develop in that state, ensure the survival of each individual. In the dream world, we experience death as well as an altered version of physical life. We move from one layer of dream energy to another in order to experience the value fulfillment of manifesting our ideas and desires.

Our dreams are filled with endless actions, and images that act with uncanny mobility and incredible speed. We can experience a lifetime within a minute in this electrical charged world, and never age. We do all of that each night as the crickets sing, and the moon fills our multi-dimensional window.

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