Friday, April 1, 2016

Fanatical In Nature

The latest growth of fundamentalist religion is an authoritarian attempt to regulate the ideas and perceptions of others. The fundamentalists accept literal interpretations instead of allowing the inner self to guide their thoughts and actions. Literal interpretations narrow the road through which intuition travels, and the result is an unhealthy view of the world. The other fundamentalists that are pulling in another direction cause the fault lines in the objective reality to collide and the result is an emotional earthquake. The fanatical aftershocks replace expansion with destruction. This fundamentalist view of reality isn’t one sided. All religions are fundamentally fanatical in nature.

Over the last 2,000 years, Christ's message has been dipped in egotistical and fanatical rituals that serve man, not God. Christ’s message was every man and women is inherently good and each is an individualized portion of the divine. But a civilization based on that message has never materialized. Our social structure is based man’s sin-ridden nature. Religious organizations have not allowed man to become good. There is always a part of man that is immersed in sin, and that idea construction creates the sin.

It’s almost a sacrilege to say man is free from sin. The righteous depend on sin to control others. Trusting the fabric of our inner being is viewed as a contradiction to God’s law when the fabric of our being is the only law. When the only law we trust is covered in flaws, it is hard to feel the beauty within us.

We are part of the beauty of nature. We are the part that has learned to make choices and the part that automatically produces dreams and beliefs from out imagination. From those perceptions, we organize our reality. It is the reality we call sane. But is that reality really sane, or is it sinful fanaticism in nature?

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