Friday, April 29, 2016

Mosaics Of Consciousness

Understanding the underlying mosaics of consciousness in the rapid current of time is not on our to-do list. In a reality where religious and political influences and associations take precedence, we overlook the fact that we are products of an inner reality that began before birth and will continue after death. We like to create stories about this inner world that are filled with good and evil intents just like the intents in the world we create while we focus on this reality.

The pristine uniqueness of our inner consciousness is passed through this focused measuring sieve, and we only recognize the elements of the conscious self that suit our beliefs. But the mind still moves in and out of probable selves to experience these other left-out aspects of our pristine identity. The reason the mind leaves them out of our focus is those identities often seem contradictory, and they may even invalidate each other.

The mosaics of our consciousness are not like the small segments of shiny sizes and shapes we identify as mosaics. Consciousness mosaics are energy-filled blasts of awareness that travel through millions of spectrums. These mosaics are electromagnetic impulses that are filled with particles of awareness that bounce through time’s simultaneous structure and land on the psychic bridges in the mind. They connect the self as it seems to the self as it always is. These residents of the mind are real, and in a way, they are our parents more than our parents are. When we recognize them and feel them, we are experiencing our ability to maneuver through the maze that produces the eternal growth of our innate identity.

We have “power selves” within us that utilize the energy in our mosaics in constructive ways, and our personality reflects the use of that energy in some way. We feel an incredible amount of ambition and creativity in that energy. Feeling these mosaics and accepting them allows the self to be more than one drop in the ocean of consciousness.

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