Friday, April 15, 2016

The Psychic Soul

It seems the psychic information is emerging more and more, and it is dressed in the deeply rooted beliefs of each individual. We might call the psychic the soul. The psychic soul always expresses its vitality and purpose by manifesting itself in new and unique ways that produce a plethora of experiences for every individual. The objective reality is a manifestation of the psychic soul’s subjective reality. The exuberance it projects in the process is the physical action of consciousness. The psychic soul in each individual is filled with the thrust of energy from which all life springs. The soul seeks value fulfillment through the creation of social civilizations. The value fulfillment comes from the social contact that actualizes its potential. As the individual become aware of the potential within the psychic soul, the potential in others is also actualized. The psychic soul produces dreams, and when there is no response to these dreams, a type of private religion is created.

In essence, religion is an objective activity through which individuals attempt to discover the meaning of life. It is a mental construction rooted in the psychic soul. Man has come up with many names and an assortment of rules and beliefs for this mental construction, but regardless of those influences, religion still represents man’s connection with a deeper universe. That universe is lodged in the psychic soul. We search outward in order to remember we are one with the psychic soul, and that has created organized religion.

Fact and fiction are intertwined in organized religions. The facts and fiction in religion represent a combination of beliefs about the meaning of life. But the meaning of life is more about the value fulfillment of the psychic soul than the continuance of fragmented thoughts about the nature of consciousness in organized religions.

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