Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Not-Self

Suddenly he becomes conscious that his principle is not the principle of the universe that there are things that exist independently of him; he becomes conscious of it in suffering from contact with the world-obstacle. At this moment appears conscious fear of death, of the danger which the Not-self represents for the self.

Hubert Benoit, the 20th century physician, author, musician and philosopher, wrote those thoughts in his 1955 book, The Supreme Doctrine. The debate to be or not to be has been raging ever since we decided to believe that we are separated from our inner consciousness. Psychologists call it our unconscious, but there is nothing unconscious about it. We are more unconscious in our waking objective state of consciousness than we are in our subjective inner consciousness.

The shift in conscious awareness has been going on for centuries, but a large audience in the the 20th century started to feel it. The shift is misunderstood. Our religious beliefs get in the way and we believe the end of the world is coming or a savior will rise from the ashes and transform the world. The shift that we now sense sense is an expansion of our belief structure.

The transforamtion of beliefs is a combination of innate elements that will change our perception of reality.

The major shift our belief struction will be completely around 2050. Society will begin to collectively feel the merging of subjective consciousness on, before and after that date.

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