Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Traceless Beginning

The notion that somebody literally made the world─ that is what is known as artificialism. It is the child’s way of thinking: the table is made, so somebody made the table. The world is here, so somebody must have made it. There is another point of view involving emanation and precipitation without personification.

A sound precipitates air, then fire, then water and earth─ and that’s how the world becomes. The whole universe is included in this first sound, this vibration, which then commits all things to fragmentation in the field of time. In this view, there is not someone outside who said, “Let it happen.”

Joseph Campbell shared those thoughts with Bill Moyers in 1985 and the early part of 1986. Campbell’s book, The Power of the Myth was the result of those conversations. Campbell shared a great deal of wisdom about Myths with Moyers; he explained how we live own myths on a daily basis. Life is a myth that we continually refine and change as new information surfaces physically. Our religious beliefs play an important role in what myths we incorporate, and what myths we dismiss as untruths or imagination. Imagination is the foundation for physical life. Without imagination there would be no thoughts, no beliefs and no unique experiences to incorporate into our daily myth of physical living.

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