Thursday, December 3, 2009

We Already Know

We have to construct the world in terms of the general functioning of the world. Thus as disclosed in the fundamental essence of our experience, the togetherness of things involves some doctrine of mutual immanence. In some sense or other, this community of actualities of the world means each happening is a factor in the nature of every other happening. . . We are in the world and the world is in us. . . This fact of observation, vague but imperative, is the foundation of the connexity of the world.

Alfred North Whitehead, the 20th century English mathematician and philosopher, wrote those thoughts in his 1968 book, Modes of Thought. Whitehead does make an interesting observation. All our experiences are connected in some way. We may not relate to that thought unless we take the time and focus on our beliefs and perceptions. We choose to experience people and places at different points in time in order to expand our awareness.

That notion may be hard to swallow for some people. Some folks believe there is a divine order that programmed us to choose certain beliefs. Others might believe that we are pawns in the game of life. They believe some higher power is doing the thinking. All beliefs are valid to the believer.

The world we create is always changing and we become aware of other aspects of the self in each experience. It’s not just one self creating diverse realities, other aspects of our psyche help the process along.

In a world that is a whole part of another world, any energy form can manifest at any point in time. The point is, there is no exact way to experience physical life; it is an individual creation that is connected to a whole, but the whole accepts and allows what is express.

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