Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Sid Series

Imagination is the foundation for all reality. Impulses stimulate thought and we create perceptions and beliefs from those thoughts, which become experiences. What we believe we experience and no one understands that better than my friend Yvonne Perry. Trying to create a visual image of Yvonne is not hard to do. She is an author, publisher, freelance writer, editor, business women and a trusting friend. All those titles describe Yvonne’s physical activities and accomplishments, but Yvonne is much more than all those descriptive messages. Yvonne is a whole within our connected consciousness that shares the qualities of her essence using a delightful and educating façade, that captivates our physical, as well as spiritual energy.

Yvonne’s New Collection of Short Stories express those qualities perfectly. Yvonne uses words and symbols that children of all ages can relate too. The Sid Series is a unique collection of short stories that are rooted in imagination and truth. The series is a collection of holistic stories that expand our awareness. The Sid Series tells us something about ourselves. The 12 stories in the collection deal with different topics that children and adults have a difficult time understanding and believing. Yvonne, through her artistic story telling ability, brings those topics into focus, so they can be discussed and experienced in a natural and holistic way.

The Sid Series is an insightful look into the world within all of us. Yvonne identifies with that world and brings it to our physical reality, so we can appreciate who we are and why we are experiencing the beauty and the wonders of physical life.

For more information about Yvonne’s work and her services visit: http://www.TheSidSeries.com or www.writersinthesky.com

Children Have Much to Teach Us About Past Lives

Does your child talk about when she used to be someone else? Listen to her. Write it down. She could be talking about a past life. Children are a lot more aware of the spirit realm than most adults realize. When a soul comes into a body, it brings with it cellular and/or conscious memory of where it was before coming to earth.
Without prompting, many children as young as two years of age remember and speak of their past lives. Some describe details, people, and events of that life that they had no way of learning in this life. The Sun Newspapers in Sri Lanka has a short documentary on YouTube (http://ow.ly/y4z2) about a young girl who remembered living and dying in a village not more than six miles from her current home and life. When taken to the village, she instantly recognized her home, called the names of her siblings, and went directly to the cabinet where her toys were stored in the past life. Fortunately, both sets of her parents accepted this phenomenon and she is allowed to spend time in both homes.

ABC News shares a story about a boy named James Leininger who recalled details of his past life as a World War II Navy pilot who was shot down and killed over the Pacific. James had terrible nightmares about a plane crash; and he knew details about airplanes and a pilot named James Huston Jr. that he couldn't have known at such a young age. Once his parents researched and found evidence supporting the boy’s claim, they believed that he was the reincarnation of James Huston, Jr. and his nightmares stopped. http://ow.ly/y4zY

Some parents either don't notice what their child is saying or don’ believe it's possible that the child is remembering a past life. They may discount the experience and think the child is making it all up. If you child wants to tell you who they were or how they died in a past life, please listen. Children have much to teach us, and these experienced souls have come to us for a reason. Not only are past life experiences real, they affect us in our present journey. Having knowledge of your past life may explain some behaviors, habits, or health challenges we encounter in this life.

Reincarnation was once an accepted belief, but thanks to the Second Council of Constantinople in A.D. 553, many people were led to believe that humans only have one life or one chance to get it right in order to avoid eternal damnation of the soul. Even today, according to Dr. J. Chiappalone’s book Keys to Reality, more than 60 percent of the world's population still believes in reincarnation. According to a 2005 Gallup poll, only 20 percent of Americans believe in reincarnation.

While my book, The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children, does not directly mention reincarnation, it does allude to it in “Puppy Love ~ Dealing with the Death of a Pet.” As a child, I had no one to help me understand some of the paranormal things I experienced. Naturally, I feel it is very important to give parents and grandparents a comfortable starting point for discussion on topics that aren’t easily explained to children. Reading my book to a child is probably going to spark some questions from your little ones, but it the stories are written to reassure children that it’s okay to talk about spiritual things. I invite you to take a look inside the book at http://TheSidSeries.com
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Unknown said...

Thank you, Hal, for doing such a wonderful job with the material for The Sid Series. I love the way you featured us today. It's always a pleasure networking with you!


Hal said...

Thanks Yvonne. Best wishes. Your work is excellent.

Barbara Techel said...

"Yvonne is a whole within our connected consciousness that shares the qualities of her essence using a delightful and educating façade, that captivates our physical, as well as spiritual energy."
What a beautiful and fitting description of Yvonne-- she is all of that and more!
Barbara Techel
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Hal said...

Thank you Barbara. Yvonne sets the pace.

Dennis Sidney Martin said...

What an insightful way of expression you have. I enjoyed your post. It gives a new view of the book and it's author.
I recommend the Sid Series to every parent with children under the age of eleven.

Hal said...

I appreciate your thoughts Dennis.
Enjoy the weekend.

Janet Grace Riehl said...

Yvonne and Hal, thanks for opening eyes to other dimensions of children which also opens more subtle ways to support and care for them.

Janet Riehl

Hal said...

Thank you Janet.