Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Mind of One

Solemn Hour

Who weeps anywhere in the world,
Without cause weeps in the world,
Weeps over me.

Who laughs now anywhere in the night,
Without cause laughs in the night,
Laughs at me.

Who goes now anywhere in the world,
Without cause goes in the world,
Goes to me.

Who dies now anywhere in the world,
Without cause dies in the world,
Looks at me.

Rilke’s poem Solemn Hour speaks of a world, that is a manifested creation of matter made of minerals and water. We conveniently mishandle, misread and misinterpret this world. We muddle through misery looking for a laugh, only to find a mirror reflecting our own sense of senselessness. We die in a secluded forest of myopic dreams and at the same time realize there is no death in the reality of appreciation.

The vibrating energy in a cry, a laugh, a move, or a death is life lived through the mind of one and the consciousness of the many.


Janet Grace Riehl said...


Happy Christmas Eve. This was always our special family day, not the next day it was the eve of.

I'm happy to see you are still mining the depths of Rilke. It's a great service to the culture to keep his work alive and moving.

Janet Riehl

Hal said...

Happy Christmas and early birthday wishes, Janet. Yes, Rilke is forever digging up bones of consciousness.