Monday, December 7, 2009


In the words of Dante:

The Now is the moment to which all times are present.

Aristotle said it this way:

If the before and after are both in one and the same Now, then what happened ten thousand years ago would be simultaneous with what is happening today and nothing would be before of after anything else. . . Then
Everything would be in anything and the universe is in a grain of millet only because the grain of millet and the universe are both existent at the same time.

Putting the Now in a linear context is what we do physically. We only focus on what we are doing in a linear fashion. Experiencing simultaneous manifestations is more that the brain can handle in our present state of awareness, but that state is constantly changing. Our subjective consciousness is always in action; non-physical energy shapes our perceptions and beliefs. Thanks to quantum physics we are able to understand that space does not exist without an object. Objects must be surrounded by space to exist. Space has features that allow it to curve around objects, so space is actually a form of consciousness and so is time. Objects must endure to exist, so time is the duration of objects. Without objects there would be no time, so time and objects are one. That would mean that space, time and objects are one consciousness expressing itself in different forms. Newtonian physics was the door that opened our objective awareness to Quantum physics, because Newtonian physics remained the same in our objective awareness.

Not only are we the same, but different physically, our non-physical essence is the same, but chooses to express itself in a variety of conscious forms. We express these energy forms in time and space, but time and space is different depending on what form or object we choose to manifest.

Dante and Aristotle and an assortment of other Eastern and Western philosophers say that the world, as we perceive it, is actually one consciousness, expressing itself in different forms. That thought can send the imagination into overtime. Our diversity creates expansion from the sameness of consciousness. Without subjective diversity, we would stagnant in objective sameness. There would be no action other than the same action.

We constantly relate to sameness, but we crave diversity and challenge in order to expand physically. We immerse the self in groups and networks, to feel the sameness, but when they become too similar we choose diversity in order to continue the process of objective awareness. Social groups want to keep us the same.

Physical group members get caught in the trap of complacency. Members convince themselves that their mission and goal is true. They use partial truths to fuel their intentions. Those intentions usually have economic motivations and expectations.

Words like real, authentic, true and spiritual are used to influence perceptions and beliefs within a group. Political and religious perceptions and beliefs that are ego motivated under the guise of truth try to control, rather than expand the individual.

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