Thursday, December 19, 2013

Identity's Action

We are disturbed, not by things, but by the way we perceive them.

Epictetus was a first century slave. Somehow he got the message that he was the master of his own life. Our individuality is never lost. We exist and continue to exist after death. Our individual consciousness grows in what we call the after-life. It is a state of becoming aware of our actions. Our identity is action, and it is always conscious of itself.

Identity is also a state of existence. It is action within action. Identity is unfolding action upon itself. Through this interwoven state of self action an identity is formed. The energy within action, and the working of energetic action upon and within itself forms our identity. Identity can be defined as action’s effect upon itself.

But, we don’t perceive our identity that way. Identity to us is DNA, family traits and learned behavior. All of those things are actions of our consciousness. They are products of the energy that created them.

We are educated to believe that this almighty energy is a separate energy. We call it supreme energy, but there is no separation between action and identity. There is only the perception of separation between the observer and the observed. We forget that the observer and the observed is one and the same in consciousness.

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