Monday, December 16, 2013

Dreamers Dream

If you’d look at nature truly One as all examine duly! No thing’s inside, outside neither: In is out and both are either. Grasp it quick, let nought confound you, Sacred secret all around you.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was a pivotal figure in German culture. His work had a major impact on German philosophy. He set the stage for other great thinkers around the world. His view was the human race was a stage through which different forms of consciousness interact. In this stage of consciousness, humans must learn how to handle their own energy manifestations, and then see the results of those thoughts and emotions in action.

We form civilizations from the energy within our emotions and thoughts. At some point we realize that our material creations are our responsibility. For centuries we have existed in the soundproof room of religion. This room is filled with the fear of self-responsibility. We expect some supreme being to rescue us from our own thoughts, and the emotions that impact our physical reality.

Goethe knew better. He studied nature and understood the dynamics of self unity. He knew the agony and sorrows that are felt in this reality are necessary lesson that must be learned. He learned to manipulate the physical energy he created, and he felt the sacred secret within all of us.

Humans dream the same dream at once, and a time/space world becomes physical. It is a play within a play. The dreamers dream, and the dreamers within the dream, dream. There is no end to the nature of our dreams, and there is no end to the nature of the consciousness that creates expanded versions of our individual dreams.

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