Sunday, December 22, 2013

Creative Dilemma

First we have to understand what awareness is: to be aware, aware outwardly, the colors, the proportions of this hall, aware of the various colors that you have on, aware without any choice, just to watch.

And also to be inwardly aware of all the movement of thought, the movement of your gestures, the way you walk, the things you eat the habits you have formed, again without choice, merely to observe attentively.

You cannot be aware if there is a division between the observer and the observed.

J. Krishnamurti, the popular 20th century writer, traveled around the world speaking about meditation, human relationships, and how we can effectively evoke positive change in our global society. Krishnamurti understood the concept of awareness. Awareness is the action of consciousness. Consciousness is a dimension of the action made possible by creative dilemmas. Our conscious identity seeks stability while action seeks change. But our identity could not exist without change. Our identity is the result of action, and therefore is part of it. That is one of the creative dilemmas within the action of consciousness.

Our ego is the result of another creative dilemma. Our consciousness of self tries to separate itself from action. But our identity or consciousness can’t exist without action, so the self creates another creative dilemma.

When we try to divorce the self from action, and make it an objective perception we restrict our awareness of self. Creative dilemmas are areas of reality where our inner awareness can experience itself. Experience is the expanding action of all consciousness.

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