Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Wave Of Two

This world flickers from light to dark, brother.

I miss your brilliant light.

Now, a bright beam sifts through our youth

A seaside beach, a mother’s treat

Built our nest without regret.

Brother’s dreams, far-reaching schemes

Dressed in suits, states in pursuit

You grew tomatoes, I sipped grapes

Sublime the quest our mates knew best.

Then Age took us for a ride

Twists and tangles, laughs and angles,

Filled our lives with means and fearful seams.

We found a bridge in the mid

And crossed it like we knew

That life would be a shallow sea without our wave of two.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

In Memory of Bob Manogue 1954-2013.

Hal Manogue 12/5/2013

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