Thursday, December 12, 2013

Creative Dust

The bamboo shadows are sweeping the stairs, But no dust is stirred: The moonlight penetrates deep in the bottom of the pool, But no trace is left in the water.

D.T Suzuki found that Zen poem, and used it to demonstrate our lack of understanding when it comes to using the shadow that our inner self projects. The inner self sees through the lens of the ego, but the ego has the ability to twist and turn its lens in other directions. It creates inner shadows that touch the creative dust within our thoughts.

We exist and function in a certain plane of reality while we are physical. We intently focus on that reality, and ignore the other planes that exist adjacent to our physical one. Our psychic focus inhibits awareness of other realities until we are ready to intently sweep our ego with inner self moonlight.

Inner self moonlight doesn’t exist in rational thought until we turn our focus to the transpersonal realities that surrounds us. Making that turn threatens our survival until we realize that survival is satisfied through intention. The desire and intention to feel the inner self is the moonlight that penetrates our somewhat capricious egotistical lens.

When we move our focus to another plane we discover a self that is:

The Dust That Does Not Stir

The Water That Is Still

And The Offspring

That Prevails.

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