Sunday, October 5, 2014

An Unframed Canvas

A certain day became a presence to me. There it was, confronting me. The sky, air, light: A being. And before it started to descend from the height of noon, it leaned over and struck my shoulder as if with the flat of a sword, granting me honor and a task.

Denise Levertov, the British-born poet, author and teacher reminds us that in every day, and in each moment of every day, there is a rebirth of who we are. There are an infinite number of events within the official series of events we recognize at any given instant, and each event we choose from that well of probable actions changes who we are. We are the result of all the choices and decisions we made up to this point in time.

Our world has always been complicated, but our technology is adding more complications while it retires some of the old ones. Technology increases the number of probable actions every day, and that means our choices and decisions multiply. As the world becomes smaller in terms of travel, communication and awareness we become less attuned to predictive actions, and more attuned to unpredicted results of our expanded vat of probabilities. Our past associations merge with our present reality and new patterns form from our actions.

Each day is an unframed canvas of probabilities. Endless probabilities and actions mingle on our personal canvas. We use the canvas like a painter who doesn’t know what to paint until the brush touches the paint. Once we touch our special canvas, we find our self in its mixture.

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