Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reality Is Singular As Well As Plural

One of the challenges of your adventure on earth is to rise above dead systems. Dead systems like wars, religions, and opposing nation destruction is to refuse to be a part of them, and express instead the highest self.

Richard Bach writes some very interesting thoughts in his book The Messiah’s Handbook. We have created a very complex system of survival of the fittest. We use our social structures to define us, and if others don’t agree with our view of reality we try to destroy them in one way, or another. This behavior has been going on for centuries. The sad news is we still condone this method of establishing our dominance over others. In fact, we celebrate it.

We expect to fight as we move through time. Solving issues without some conflict is irrational thinking. Fighting is in our DNA, and we pin it to our ego like a medal of honor. But as Bach points out, that antiquated thinking is coming to an end. The end will not be tomorrow, next week or next year. The end of this madness won’t come this decade or the next, but it will come as the 21st century ends. At that point, we will begin to realize how connected we all are. The enemy is not across an ocean or in front of a computer. There is no enemy until we create one. As creators, we deposit part of our consciousness in our creations. Then our creations begin to form some version of creativity. Our reality is a composite of our personal and mass creations. Reality is singular as well as plural. We are what we project so what we see is a version of what we believe.

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