Friday, October 17, 2014

Private Oracle

Being part of an open-ended universe, we are part of an open-ended mind. The knowledge of the living mind comes after your living mind becomes open-ended.

J.J. Hurtak wrote those thoughts in his 1973 Book, Keys of Enoch. Hurtak’s book of knowledge examines the puzzles of life. The book claims there must be greater unity between scientific and spiritual mindsets. Without this unity, issues that concern the known and unknown reality will continue to be tossed around in a soup of objective confusion.

The unknown reality, dreams, the spin of electrons, and the blueprint of this reality play a role in our experiences. Our lives continue to change from the interrelationship of these phenomena. Our free will depends on the multidimensional behavior of electrons and the nature of probabilities and perceptions.

The unpredictable behavior of our unknown reality is not in a state of chaos. Order arises from the creative elements within unpredictability. Our unpredictability assures uniqueness. Unpredictability is the opposite of predictive motion. No course is irrevocably or set beyond change. An open-ended mind, the psyche, or what we call our subjective awareness, assures us that no action is set beyond alteration. But we only focus on our objectivity so we don’t believe we can alter anything.

The exploration of our open-ended mind reveals contours of subjectivisms that highlight our latent inner knowledge. We do explore these contours in the dream state. But the symbols we use to describe these psychic trips fall short. We intentionally forget to understand our inner data.

We tune into our private oracle every night. Our private oracle is the voice of our multidimensional self. That self is the part of us that is not totally contained in our personhood. It functions outside of space and time. It deals with all probabilities, and it is the source of all of our probable actions. It contains the secrets of the open-ended universe. And the teachings of our dream-art scientist, our true mental physicist and our complete physician.

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