Monday, October 13, 2014


Woman knows what Man has long forgotten, that the ultimate economic and spiritual unit of any civilization is still the family.

Claire Booth Luce the American editor, playwright, congresswomen, journalist and ambassador was way ahead of her time in terms of social awareness and moral responsibility. Her words about the family are not new, but they do take a back seat when the ego becomes more than a just portion of the personality. Confucius, and others like him said the same thing in their time, and just like Luce their words fell on deaf ears. The word family loses its real meaning when our quest for power becomes fanaticism. It seems science as well as religion promotes that form of family. We let our beliefs mold us in their fanatical image.

The family unit is more complex than we believe. Its complexity confuses us, so we seek help to understand it. That help comes in the form of influences and associations, and they attach themselves to our ego. We create a story around these so called family truths, and we make them real. We then experience a hybrid family from our expanded, but distorted ego, and it becomes our truth. Our truth is a jumbled set of distortions, and we own and live them.

Our perceptions become actions. Perceptions change what they act upon. The family is not what we feel it is when we have distorted perceptions, and they become beliefs. But these distorted ideas of family do serve a purpose. We begin to see our self through the lens of a compromise family, and that awareness creates a need for change.

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