Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Allow the children of your world to grow with the knowledge of their power. Tell them they create their reality, and how they do that.

Allow them to know there is no such thing as success versus failure. Encourage that which is their dreams and tell them that by their dreams and their imagination, they create what they desire.

Teach them cooperative play rather than competition. Honor their sovereignty and love them in the knowledge they are Gods and Goddesses come forth to be your teachers and mirrors.

Jani King, the Australian psychologist, wrote those thoughts in her book The Gift. As we aged we tend to forget some of our childhood experiences. We don’t totally forget those years; some of the good experiences remain, and the bad stuff lingers around our consciousness as well. We have an archaic attitude when it comes to understanding childhood. Childhood is wrapped in the soiled diapers of judgmental parents and peers. The stifled wisdom of grandparents helps ease the mess, but for the most part, we limit the knowledge of our children’s power, and the reality in which they flounder.

We forget that our consciousness and our children’s consciousness was active long before we perceived this version of the self in time and space. We chose to be born into this world to experience our version of reality, not the reality of others. Our dream world is our laboratory. The self is not limited in our dream lab. We mix and match probabilities and choose our direction based on beliefs, desires, and impulses. We try to follow that direction in our waking world, but the standards set by antiquated cultural symbols and rules change our course.

Children are mirrors. We are mirrors. How do we want to look, when the haze of tribal guilt and parental ineptness is wiped from all the mirrors of our future consciousness? We want to look like children that have the knowledge of their innate power and use it.

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