Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Self is a Divine Master

The two eyes of the soul of man cannot both perform their work at once: but if the soul shall see with the right eye into eternity, then the left eye must close itself and refrain from working, and be as though it were dead. For if the left eye be fulfilling its office toward outward things, that is holding converse with time and the creatures; then must the right eye be hindered in its working; that is, in its contemplation. Therefore, whosoever will have the one must let the other go; for ‘no man can serve two masters.

Meister Eckhart is explaining his multiplicity in religious terms in his work, Theologia Germanica. Our self-created separation is obvious in his words. The left eye is the ego consciousness and the right eye is the inner self. Understanding how to allow the right and the left eye to sense the inner as well as the outer at the same time has been the quest of man ever since consciousness became physical in this dimension.

Man’s physical inception was the result of the left and the right eye working in unison, but free will gradually created a world filled with the idea that man had to serve something outside of himself or a divine master. That divine master is the inner self which is connected to every aspect or quality of consciousness. We are trained through our belief in science to deal with predictable actions, but the motion of consciousness is unpredictable. Our cells straddle probabilities and trigger responses. Consciousness rides on and within vibrational pulses and it forms it own organization. The cohesive picture of our reality is the result of the unpredictable energy of consciousness.

The self as divine master had to surprise himself or herself constantly by granting itself its own freedom or it would stagnate in staleness. So the unpredictability of the right eye flows through all qualities of consciousness.

Our beliefs and intents instigate what we pick to experience from an unpredictable group of actions which the right eye wants to experience physically. The actions that are not chosen from this energy occur on another level and are experienced by another self connected to the nuclei of the self. Probabilities intersect in different realities and out of this unpredictability an infinite number of ordered systems manifest. Anything less than complete unpredictability will result in stagnation. So the left eye has the freedom of motion to experience what it chooses and expands from that choice.

Rather than serving two masters we serve the oneness of our own consciousness in a uniquely unpredictable way.

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