Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Unpredictable Fashion

Ignorance is departure from home and Enlightenment is returning. While wandering, we lead a life full of pain and suffering, and the world wherein we find ourselves is not a very desirable habitat. This is, however, put a stop to by Enlightenment, as thus we are enabled once more to get settled at home where reign freedom and peace. The will negates itself in its attempt to get an insight into its own life, and dualism follows. Consciousness cannot transcend its own principle. The will struggles and grows despondent over its work. ‘Why?’ the intellect asks, but it is the question no human intellect can ever hope to solve; for it is the mystery deeply inherent in the will.

D.T. Suzuki in his 1927 essay, Enlightenment and Ignorance explains how we create while we are in a state of ignorance or self-inflicted limited awareness. Our creations are manifestations of the self. The self is connected to the awareness that exists within the whole of consciousness, but our focus restricts total awareness from seeping through all the cracks of thought until we release ourselves from the illusion of separation.

The consciousness wants to experience dualism physically and expand from the contrast created by the process of energy moving through varying aspects of its own consciousness. In the act of expressing the inner self we transcend the principle of an unpredictable consciousness.

Fragments of enlightenment occur when a focused self changes in a predictable fashion, but the unpredictable mystery of multiplicity is still hidden in the sludge of self-created limitations. Claiming unity through enlightenment is an attempt to know our own multiplicity even though our beliefs about multiplicity are limited by the self-created fear of what we already know.

The struggles we deal with are chisels that gradually break through self-constructed limits. Enlightenment of the self is the ongoing action of energy moving through a chosen dimension. In each dimension the self expands using this energy. The intellect is restricted by beliefs, but the desire to expands through awareness still occurs. Self expansion affects all consciousness in an unpredictable fashion.

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