Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Flashes Upon My Reason

I become aware of something in me which flashes upon my reason. I perceive of it that it is something, but what it is I cannot perceive. Only meseems that, could I conceive it, I should comprehend all truth.

Meister Eckhart the 14th century German theologian, mystic, and philosopher had his share of physical and mental challenges Eckhart continued to express his thoughts about the nature of consciousness even though they were completely foreign to religious beliefs at that time, and in a sense, are still very esoteric thoughts for those who have limited their awareness. Eckhart’s statement shows that he recognized other aspects of the self that he explained as a perception that he could not fully perceive using rational thoughts.

Everything that materializes in this reality independently exists in another reality. Imagination is the vehicle that allows us to tap into those other realities and we manifest them on this plane. Consciousness forms its own mental interactions and physical organizations at all levels. Consciousness tries to express itself through probabilities and does in some form. The all that is complete its own being is experienced through these probabilities, but is interpreted through familiar significance. Probabilities grow like petals of a flower and each one follows its own reality using some aspect of the self.

Eckhart is expressing the truth of multiply probabilities and selves six centuries ago. We like to deal with things in a predictable way so we perceive a small amount of data in a very limited way. We don’t see the unpredictability of the molecule, atom, or wave that is apparent but not in focus. Our true order of multiple selves can only be perceived by granting ourselves the freedom to express our own unpredictable nature. Just like the wave, particle, and atom the self is free-wheeling, unpredictable, and undetermined. The result of an unpredictable group of selves adds to the structure of this reality even when we are unable to perceive or conceive them through our limited awareness.

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